How Are They Made

How Are They Made?

Our picnic table cushions are made using only the highest quality materials. The covering is a strong quality duck canvas, carefully sewn with UV resistant outdoor thread to make a tight, neat cushion. All standard size cushions use extra firm foam to produce a long lasting yet comfortable product. To assure that you will be able to enjoy your picnic table cushions for years to come our quality design uses hook and loop fasteners for ease of use and cleaning.


Why Duck Canvas?

Duck canvas, also known as duck, duck cloth, or cotton duck is a heavy fabric that is more tightly woven than other duck material. Duck canvas is used in many items including heavy work clothes, tents, and sand bags to name a few. It is an extremely strong and durable material excellent for outdoor use.


Why Outdura™?

Outdura™ is for those that want a product that requires little maintenance, easy to clean, and an excellent UV rating. You can compare Outdura™ to Sunbrella™, both 100% dyed acrylic and Made in the U.S.A.


Why Extra Firm Foam?

We wanted a quality foam product that would last for years of enjoyment.  Our extra firm foam allows our cushion to be thin yet still very comfortable. This will allow you, your family, and friends to always enjoy outdoor time at your picnic table or favorite bench.


Why UV Resistant Outdoor Thread?

We use UV resistant outdoor thread because we know that often cushions are left exposed to the elements. Even though the majority of the thread will be protected from direct sunlight exposure we wanted to make sure that sun exposure or other harsh elements would not affect the performance of our product.


UV and Stain Prevention

We offer two products from Trek7 that will prevent UV ray damage, stains, and water proofing.



Where Are They Made?

All of our cushions are sewn by hand in Leander, TX   U.S.A.